Coconut oil, teff and quinoa: increased 'superfoods' demand hits the south in the guts

If you haven’t seen any listicles setting out the hundreds of ways coconut oil can improve your life yet, you probably need to check your internet connection. The substance that South Asians, Southeast Asians and Islander people have been using for cooking, health and cosmetic purposes since way before Christopher Columbus went the wrong way to visit them has well and truly been Columbused (the term is used to describe white people discovering things that everyone else already knew about.)

How Can We Be There For People Who Suffer From Mental Illness?

There’s a lot of momentum right now to address the stigma around depression and suicide. For depressed people, like myself, this is a very good thing. However, it’s really hard to have these important conversations, especially if you have no experience of what depression is like — because what do you even say? But if someone you know and love has depression, anxiety, or another form of mental illness, the important thing is to not let the difficult nature of the subject keep you from being supportive.